Ford Focus RS 2016

The Ford Focus RS is a fast and compact hatchback. Ford made three generations. But I personally think the latest one is the best looking one so far. The first two generations had front wheel drive but now that Ford has stepped up the game, the new RS has all wheel drive which is awesome. Obviously that means that the car has a much better launch. The car has 345 horsepower in stock form.

The RS comes with beautiful Recaro bucket seats as an option. I personally think that the bucket seats look much better than the stock seats but I also get if you want to get the stock seats for better comfort. The car comes with a 6 speed manual, but the new RS doesn’t come with an automatic as an option.

The new RS has 4 driving modes which are normal, sport, track and drift. The normal mode is for comfort, the sport mode is for pops and crackles in the exhaust, the track mode stiffens the car’s suspension and the last mode is the drift mode which allows you to drift around like a maniac.

The best thing about the new RS is that it’s got a simple interior which is quite rare to see nowadays because all new cars come with super fancy interiors and crap that we don’t need. The new RS has a normal handbrake (not a bloody button) and a normal gearbox. Its got a normal dashboard and normal buttons. It’s just so simple and that’s what I love about the car.

It is quite expensive considering that its starting price is 35.000 USD and can go all the way up to 40.000 USD but that’s with all extras. If you have 40 grand sitting around somewhere in your granny’s living room you should definitely get one.

Mods List:
Mountune Setup (custom exhaust)

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