Ferrari F40- A child’s dream

The Ferrari F40 is one of the most stunning cars in the world. It’s a child’s dream car. If you ever see a red F40, it’s like seeing a racoon steal food from cats. The Ferrari F40 was made in 1987 and had a v8 engine. The car had 478 horsepower and that was quite a lot of power back then. The successor to the F40 was the F50. But the F50 looked much worse than the F40. The F50 was not underrated but neither loved like the F40.

Right now the F40’s price is about 1,200,000 million USD. That is a hell of a lot of money for a car but it’s 100% worth it cause the car is never loosing value and second of all, you own an F40 for crying out loud! The F40’s lines and curves were so plain, simple and so neat. The F40 was and still is a proper supercar. Even though the F40 cost’s more than a beautiful villa it’s still worth the money. But one issue with the F40 is that it’s got horrible handling and that’s a pretty annoying thing. But I mean like no car is perfect so you kind of have to deal with it.

As usual there are some mods that I recommend you to do to a or you’re F40.

1. Black OZ wheels
2. Custom/Aftermarket exhaust
3. Black front splitter

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