Ferrari F12 TDF 2015

The Ferrari F12 TDF. I personally think it’s the best looking car, Ferrari or any brand has ever made. Its got a loud V12 that screams all the way up to 8,900 RPM.

It’s a track ready F12. Its got a front splitter, side skirts, and quite a big rear diffuser. They only produced 799 and they were all sold out in a blink of an eye. The starting price was 425.000 USD-580.000 USD in the beginning with the right spec but nowadays they can go all the way up to 1,400,000 USD which is freaking crazy.

The car is full of carbon fibre and when I say full of carbon, I mean literally everywhere. The back is covered with carbon, the front splitter, pretty much 85 percent of the interior, the side skirts, etc.

The car has 796 break horsepower and 705 newton meters of torque. The interior is also full of alcantara, the seats, the dashboard, the streering wheel, etc. I personally believe that it’s the best looking color for the F12 TDF is called Azzurro Dino. It’s a light-blue color which really stands out and makes the car look awesome.

Mod list:

Inconel Exhaust (custom exhaust)
TDF* Tour De France

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